A stress free household!

Much before the country went into lockdown, I had decided to bid my maid adieu. Cronavirus had started spreading its wings in our country and I have two kids so I could not be less worried about their immunity. In fact not just I and my family but my maid and her family also deservesContinue reading “A stress free household!”

Humara quarantine tumhare quarantine se alag kaise?

It has been almost two weeks of quarantine that we have imposed on ourselves (aur kya karte jab schools band ho gaye plus this is the only wise thing which we can do right now). Every time I browse Instagram I see stories and posts of mommies doing so many DIY activities with kids i.e.;Continue reading “Humara quarantine tumhare quarantine se alag kaise?”

The two troubles!!

Having two! No this post is not to judge those who believe in “one and we are done”, I respect their choice. This post is not to tell why “I had second baby”, Coz dude I respect my own decisions first. This post is specially for those who are in process of attaining motherhood forContinue reading “The two troubles!!”

Home Breaker – Meghan Markle, Really?

Well when Prince Harry married beautiful, gorgeous and warm Meghan Markle, there were tongues that were wagging. Some thought an American and that too a divorcee doesn’t fit the royal bill, some hated her, some liked her work and thought she isn’t bad, some thought she is a gold digger, some thought its love andContinue reading “Home Breaker – Meghan Markle, Really?”

When Chhavi Mittal Hussein’s Trying To Motivate Post Became A Tad Too De-motivating!!

Couple of days back there was a post shared by Chhavi Mittal Hussein on Instagram where she was seemingly trying to motivate everyone to stay fit. Although her motive behind the post may be very noble and clear, her post didn’t go very well with many people, including myself. For uninitiated Chhavi Mittal Hussein isContinue reading “When Chhavi Mittal Hussein’s Trying To Motivate Post Became A Tad Too De-motivating!!”

This festive season I counted my blessings twice!!

This time of the year has always been my favourite no points for guessing that it’s festivals that make it so special. As a kid I was always looking forward to what we eat, where we go, who comes to our place and how we celebrate these festivals, I had my perspective to the festivals.Continue reading “This festive season I counted my blessings twice!!”

This miracle worker that makes it easier for mommies!

  Motherhood comes with a lot of responsibilities. There is a little life, which is always depending on you for everything. And this makes a mother’s job tougher by manifold, so a little help of some sort is always welcome. After my son was born, my younger sister came to see us at the hospitalContinue reading “This miracle worker that makes it easier for mommies!”

These 4 tips helped me in my breastfeeding journey

A great American paediatrician Robert S Mendelsohn had once written in one of his books “Mother’s milk, time-tested for millions of years, is the best nutrient for babies because it is nature’s perfect food.” We all are aware of this fact and acknowledge it too but what we are not aware of and what weContinue reading “These 4 tips helped me in my breastfeeding journey”

5 ways a stroller is helping me raise my child, fearlessly!

They say first pregnancy comes with a lot of challenges and then if there is a second time, one doesn’t feel so nervous or anxious. Well, not me. All through my first pregnancy, I was calm and not anxious at all. I was very confident that I will handle everything like a piece of cakeContinue reading “5 ways a stroller is helping me raise my child, fearlessly!”