Home Breaker – Meghan Markle, Really?

Well when Prince Harry married beautiful, gorgeous and warm Meghan Markle, there were tongues that were wagging. Some thought an American and that too a divorcee doesn’t fit the royal bill, some hated her, some liked her work and thought she isn’t bad, some thought she is a gold digger, some thought its love andContinue reading “Home Breaker – Meghan Markle, Really?”

2018 made me richer and poorer!

So this is my 2018 story. I know I know it’s coming a little too late. We are already in the 4th month of 2019 but I really didn’t have time to pen all my thoughts. So yes 2018 made me richer. My biggest wealth that I had this year? My son whose pending arrivalContinue reading “2018 made me richer and poorer!”