Humara quarantine tumhare quarantine se alag kaise?

It has been almost two weeks of quarantine that we have imposed on ourselves (aur kya karte jab schools band ho gaye plus this is the only wise thing which we can do right now). Every time I browse Instagram I see stories and posts of mommies doing so many DIY activities with kids i.e.;Continue reading “Humara quarantine tumhare quarantine se alag kaise?”

How you can put your unused asset for better

I have very fond memories of Mussorie, a famous not so quiet hill station of northern India. It is my mom’s maternal home town. As a kid, summer holidays meant visiting Mussoorie, because my uncle aunty stayed there. I always loved going there, I used to wonder how wonderful it must be staying in aContinue reading “How you can put your unused asset for better”

Modern yet not?

I am not sure how will we fare as parents when our time comes but I definately feel sorry for our parent’s or maybe grandparent’s generation. They were and still are stuck in the transitional phase of the society. The world, the society, the times expected them to teach their kids nothing but to beContinue reading “Modern yet not?”