Humara quarantine tumhare quarantine se alag kaise?

It has been almost two weeks of quarantine that we have imposed on ourselves (aur kya karte jab schools band ho gaye plus this is the only wise thing which we can do right now). Every time I browse Instagram I see stories and posts of mommies doing so many DIY activities with kids i.e.;Continue reading “Humara quarantine tumhare quarantine se alag kaise?”

A letter to my daughter!

Dear Daughter, No one word can describewhat I feel for you. I am writing this letter but I am sure I can still not sumup what all I have in my heart for you. Everyone tells me that you are not assmart as you need to be to face today’s world, people also tell meContinue reading “A letter to my daughter!”

Exactly 10 years ago what did the biggest blow of my life taught me?

Exactly 10 years ago today I lost my mom to cancer. It all happened in a blink of an eye. On 22nd June she was diagnosed and on 29th morning 5am she was gone. Her passing away has left a void in my heart and soul. But as we all know, life has to moveContinue reading “Exactly 10 years ago what did the biggest blow of my life taught me?”

Love them or hate them.

My mom passed away in 2009 and my relationship with my father is a love and hate relationship. Since I remember our opinions have never been the same so yes he is my father and has done a lot for us but we end up fighting every other day. My brother, on the other hand,Continue reading “Love them or hate them.”