This festive season I counted my blessings twice!!

This time of the year has always been my favourite no points for guessing that it’s festivals that make it so special. As a kid I was always looking forward to what we eat, where we go, who comes to our place and how we celebrate these festivals, I had my perspective to the festivals.

My grandparents on the other hand were always keen about what relatives have given us , what we are going to give them, what is on the menu etc etc. My mom however, I always noticed that wanted everything to be perfect but not for her for us. What we wear, how we look, how much we enjoy, how we celebrate and in doing all this she looked so happy. I used to wonder why. It is only when I became a parent that I realized the joy of celebrating with kids. With kids everyday becomes a festival and your life gets a reason to celebrate and it is exactly that reason that my life has got to be happier about.

Today when I celebrate first Diwali with my son and my family comes in a complete picture I can understand why my mom behaved the way she did. Today, even I want everything to be perfect when we celebrate (of course for kids), I want them to wear super cool but equally comfy clothes, I want them to enjoy but be well fed before that, I want them to realize how much fun is spending time with family but I want them to stay safe also. Being a parent is special and joyful and this joy is at its peak when we are celebrating our baby’s firsts.

I follow a tradition of lighting 365 diyas on Diwali and every member of the family has to lit at least one diya, it is so emotional for us as parents to imagine that our son will be lighting his diya with us this year. This happiness has encouraged us to celebrate us our festivals with more zeal. I still remember when I first realized that I might be expecting, I bought Preganews- No. 1 Pregnancy detection card from mankind and it detected two very light pink lines, my sister wasn’t sure if it is positive or not but I had trust on Mankind Pharma’s Preganews, a leading pregnancy detection card in its category because it has been my companion in my first good news too.

My happiness had no bounds and not only mine even my daughter was so happy to know that she will soon be having a sibling for life. She was so excited that she kept that Preganews kit of mine in a pouch which later on went on to become a goodies bag that she was going to give to her siblings on arrival. I have that memory etched in my heart forever. That good news came with so many dreams, plans, wishes and now that I have my baby in my arms I don’t want to leave any stone unturned to make most of the happiness that this good news has given us.

So this year I will be cherishing celebrating the festivals with my family’s picture being complete. For more information log on to

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