We the so called real people of the so called fake world!

Few days back there was a picture floating all over social media in which a full apple was depicted from front but shown half eaten in the mirror and the text in the picture said “Life on social media”.

This surprised me to an extent of laughing (mockingly) over the one who made it.Okay, no offence but I don’t buy this new fad of bashing social media and irony is bashing social media on social media. Like seriously? It is like eating the sweet and bashing it too. Well, too much for my understanding.

I agree that we all put our rosy pictures on social media and might not share our gloomy pictures but isn’t that what we humans have been doing for ages now. Putting on makeup to hide domestic abuse, smiling in front of your family when you are broken from inside, pretending your happy married life even when you are not even in talking terms with your spouse, inflating your child’s board exams marks (most of us have seen that one I am sure).

If I think about it in the hindsight, I think people are mostly faking, sometimes even with themselves. So why this sudden bashing of social media? Okay we are faking here but is faking in front of your family, friends, neighbors and relatives okay but faking in front of your followers and virtual friends there not okay? How?

So dearies its we already fake people who have made social media another ground to fake our lives. We are here what we are in our real life. And to think about it, what is wrong in the fact that  don’t want people to see me crying (it is as simple as I don’t want people see me naked), what is wrong if I want to dress up and look good for a picture, what is wrong if suddenly in the middle of crying I smile for a social media post?

Now let’s talk about another common notion that the relationships of virtual world are not as solid as those of the so called real world. Well, this statement again is an irony. These days when people are taking to social media to search for jobs, dates, friends in fact even life partner calling it fake is not completely true. I myself have made some amazing friends in this (un)real social media world, met them, loved them and intend to be friends with them forever. How surprising is it that people bash social media on social media, people put their happy pictures on social media and still mock social media for being fake.

I agree that social media has its own disadvantages but then what doesn’t come with disadvantages? Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, even the best of things. So why target social media? Because it is a fad these days to do so, or because everyone else is doing so? (I spot some faking here too).

My two cents for all those who think that the social media world is unreal –

1. If it is fake then why don’t we (read you) leave it and move on to the real world?

2. If you want to stay but are so sad that it is fake then be the change you want to see and go ahead and post your picture when you are depressed, crying and REAL.

In the meanwhile, I am happy and busy being a social media lover because faking is the new real!!

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