Diaper during daytime: not as frivolous at it seems

As a new mother, we are often told a lot about sleeplessness and fatigue caused because of it when the baby doesn’t sleep through the night. Many of my friends and peers suggested me to keep my baby in diapers during night time so that baby’s sleep isn’t disturbed and thus I am also able to sleep and rest without disturbance. What nobody told me was as much as it is important for a baby to sleep well equally important it is for a baby to have a hassle-free day time to enjoy its play and eating time. I realized that keeping my son diaper-free during daytime resulted in usual mess and disturbance in his activities like massages, playing, crawling, and eating his food. This disturbance was making him less keen on trying to do again (we all know how tough it is to make kids sit at a place and do some task.)  In fact, he got discouraged even in trying to crawl or get up because he related all of his activities to his peeing and pooping and I must say not only he but even I was scared of letting him do all the activities because I had a fear of him spoiling stuff.

All these reasons made me realize the need for keeping a kid tension and worry-free even during daytime which in turns helps not only the baby but the mother also. So, I decided to make him wear diapers during the daytime too (yes I have always given my baby proper 15-20 minutes diaper free time in between changes). But while trying his regular diapers I noticed they are more made for night time use i.e.; when the baby sleeps because these were weighing down. I understood the issues and was looking for some solution when my friend casually suggested me to try Merries a Japanese premium brand for diapers. She vouched for it so much that I thought I have to get it for my son. I immediately ordered them and I must say she wasn’t wrong. After trying them for a few days I got to know that Merries is the best daytime diaper available because of its qualities –

1.It has cotton like softness – You will know this by just touching them once. They are so snugly soft that they would almost feel like a second skin on your baby;

2.Exceptionally well breathability – These diapers are made in such a way that they have exceptional breathability which helps baby’s skin stay fresh and humidity out;

3. Softness at the band too – Its band is so fit and soft at the same time that your baby’s skin doesn’t have any marks at all, its easy fit gather stretches 2.5 times more than the usual making it comfortable for the baby and helping baby enjoy his daytime constructively.

4. Wetness Indicator – During the baby when you are busy with your other chores the wetness indicator helps you know when it is the time for a change instead of you having checked the diaper again and again by touching it.

All these features ensure that a baby is super soft, dry and comfortable and that takes away most of my worries. Yes, with the help of his daytime diapering my son has become more active and doesn’t worry of trying out new activities, has no fear and guess what even I am relaxed because now I don’t stop him from playing on my favourite mattress, carpet, sofa or anywhere else.

I am a happy mom now and like they say Happy Moms have Happy Babies.

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