This miracle worker that makes it easier for mommies!


Motherhood comes with a lot of responsibilities. There is a little life, which is always depending on you for everything. And this makes a mother’s job tougher by manifold, so a little help of some sort is always welcome. After my son was born, my younger sister came to see us at the hospital and along with many gifts, she had gotten something which immediately caught my eye. She had gotten a pack of Teddyy changing mats for my new born son. I wasn’t sure how they would help me, and I just said mockingly, “You just need a reason to buy things without even knowing what they are used for.” To which she replied, “You are going to thank me later, didi, and don’t forget, even I am a mother now so I am not all that unaware.” Realizing the fact that she is also a mother, I ended the conversation there.

When we came back home, I opened up the pack of changing mats that she had given me, and it didn’t take me long to realize how this mat was a boon for me. These baby changing mats are disposable changing mats that can be used for a baby, for a lot of things. I realized that this product was a must-have traveling companion. And I also found that it was equally useful at home too!

Because they are made up of antibacterial material and have a hypoallergenic formula, one can use it frequently without worrying about the fear of allergies or infection. Here is how I used these convenient changing mats –

  1. I placed it under my baby when I would give him a massage. It is very beneficial and effective during massage times in keeping the bed clean because massaging makes a new born pass poo or pee because of pressure around the tummy area. I have faced such accidents many times with my daughter, 6 years back. I wish I had these hassle-free hygienic mats then.
  2. I also used them to give my baby diaper-free time. We all know how helpful diapers are, but their continuous use can also lead to rashes or infection on the baby’s skin or worse, on his/her private area. Even doctors suggest giving 20-30 minutes of a diaper-free time to babies between changing their diapers (more so, if we are at home). So these sheets can be placed under the baby so that he/she can play freely without us having to bother about the mattress.


  1. While traveling it can be used as a diaper changing mat. While traveling we might have to change baby diapers almost anywhere, and for that, these convenient changing mats have been my saviour since day one. They have the unique gel lock technology which absorbs any spills quickly, making diaper changes on the move very easy.
  2. Diaper-free time while on the move too. With these sheets, you can even give your baby diaper-free time in a car seat or pram or stroller without worrying about spoiling their padding. This is very important for me because my son had severe diaper rashes once, and the doctor asked me to avoid diapers for a day or two, but he loves his evening walks in his stroller, so I placed this mat under him on the stroller and took him out on a walk. When I had to change his shorts on the walk it was a smooth process since the special criss-cross design which helps in faster absorption contained all the mess, and afterward, I just dumped the soiled mat in the bin!

Since then these changing mats have become my holy grail product, and I have used them at home and outdoor extensively. These mats are my preferred choice not just because they are waterproof, but also because they are made up so soft and spongy material that it is so comfortable for the baby that the baby won’t feel uncomfortable even for a moment.

Now, whenever I have to get gifts for a newborn baby, this is my go-to choice.


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