5 ways a stroller is helping me raise my child, fearlessly!

They say first pregnancy comes with a lot of challenges and then if there is a second time, one doesn’t feel so nervous or anxious.

Well, not me. All through my first pregnancy, I was calm and not anxious at all. I was very confident that I will handle everything like a piece of cake BUT as soon as I realized my second pregnancy, my mind actually started wandering. I was so nervous and anxious that I could not figure out how I am going to do that. How will I handle two kids together? How will I go out with both of them alone? How will I be able to take my daughter for evening walks and other stuff?

When I expressed all my fears to my husband, he smiled and asked me to be calm. Next day he brought me something which looked normal to me but little did I know that it is going to give me wings one day. He got me a baby stroller. I thought he just wants to change my mood after last night’s conversation but then he explained to me the reasons because of which he thought that a stroller would be the answer to most of my fears and it actually proved out to be.

Now, after using it for 10 months I can safely say that the stroller has helped me in keeping my baby safe in many ways.

  1. When in a stroller, babies have a lesser risk of falling down – My biggest fear of managing two babies was while going out how I will manage to hold both my kids together more so because I am prone to slipping. With a stroller, my younger one is safe inside it and my elder one can always be by my side helping me drive the stroller.
  2. Even at home, stroller keeps a baby safe – I used the stroller for my baby, even at home. I used to put my baby in the stroller for his day naps; this helped me in freely finishing off my task without any fear of baby falling down from the bed. It also ensured that my elder one can freely roam around in the bed without the fear of tripping over the baby.
  3. A stroller is safe for babies from day 1 – With my elder one I have also used a carrier belt but then stroller keeps your baby safe from Day 1 whereas a carrier belt is comfortable for kids who have developed good head control.
  4. A stroller can save a baby from many unforeseen small accidents – Once while strolling in a mall, my coffee got accidentally spilled but I could not help but thank my stars for keeping my baby safe inside a stroller.
  5. A stroller keeps a baby safe from heat, rain, wind – This is something I have written at last but is of utmost importance. A stroller keeps a baby safe from temperature extremities. Like during very sunny days it can save the baby from direct sunlight or hot winds, similarly, in the rain, it can also save a baby from unforeseen winds. During winters you can give your baby a blanket and another extra sheet for warmth.

My son is 10 months now and his LuvLap stroller is my strong companion in raising him up, most importantly because with my elder one we are constantly on the move and with this stroller I just have to put him in it, put the safety belt on, give him some toys to play or finger food to eat and tada, even he enjoys strolling with us. The best part I like about my son’s stroller is that it has reversible handlebar with the help of which I can face my baby even while driving him.

Parenting is beautiful and if we have gears and means by which we can make it a little more convenient for us it becomes a blessing, it becomes a lifeline!

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