How having a second baby made me calmer..

When my daughter was born in 2013, I think I became a bit possessive about her. I was so restless when she was out of my sight. Whenever she went out with her grandparents that restless feeling didn’t leave me. It was heartening to see her enjoy with them but a part of me was tensed, always tensed. It isn’t that I don’t trust anyone else for my daughter’s safety but I don’t know why whenever it is about her there were too many ifs and buts in my mind. Sometimes even when she used to be at school I used to miss her I used to feel restless.

However, I realised that I cannot trap her with me and stop her from doing things she should be doing at this age. Spending time with family, visiting park with grandparents are few things she love doing. And since I have also grown up in a big family with grandparents, chachas and buas I understand the value but still there was something that bothered me. Something!! With time I was better but not cured 😉.

Soon I realised I am pregnant again and this time pregnancy was a bit tougher than earlier one so even without my will I had to shift my focus to it and so not to let her feel neglected I made my daughter spend more time with her grandparents and surprisingly now I didn’t feel anything amiss. I had no energy to. However, when my health was better I made sure that I spend more time with my daughter but I didn’t mind or felt bad whenever she was away.

Now my son is of 7 months and I am thankful for whatever little time she goes to school for or is with her grandparents and not only in regards to my daughter, now I even send my 7 month old to spend some time with his grandparents (which I won’t have even thought of when my daughter was of 7 months).

Having my second one has helped me in accepting the facts and has definitely made me calmer..

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