Pretend Play : Taking over from art and craft as a hobby…

Pretend play is the most common thing amongst the toddlers these days… After a certain age their liking towards colouring, drawing, sketching, craft and everything is taken over by pretend playing…

What exactly is Pretend Play

The word may sound complex but it is as easy as it can be. When our kids act as someone and play, it is called pretend play. Many of us have also in our childhood played “ghar ghar” where one becomes mummy and other becomes papa, that game my dear friends is pretend play, its just that now it has become fancier.. These days most play zones/play areas for toddlers have pretend play section too where in kids can dress up and act as doctors/patients, hair dressers/clients, store manager/customers, chefs etc etc. Kids above the age of 3 years start showing their inclination towards it, however, kids with elder siblings generally start it earlier…

If you ask me personally, I think pretend play is a mix of positives and negatives. Let us today discuss few of both –

Positives –

1. Helps build imagination – it certainly helps kids in building their imagination to a great extent.

2. Keeps kids off tv/mobile – the biggest positive that I think it has is that it keeps kids off mobile and tv screens. Well who wouldn’t want that.

3. Helps kids in devloping social skills – when kids pretend to be someone else they behave their best. It helps them pick the cues about the way they should be conducting themselves publicly.

4. Makes kids creative – pretend plays do a great deal in making kids creative as they encourage kids to think out of the box (by acting as what they are not).

Negatives –

1. Imaginations sometimes goes too far – sometimes because of imaginative play kids do not understand where to stop and go a little too far in imaginating.

2. Cannot differentiate – many a times kids are engulfed in pretend play so much so that they are unable to differentiate between play and real life. They might start inter changing activities.

All said and done, pretend play is a good thing when done moderately under adults’ supervision.

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