I am COMPLETE.. This is a collage of my pics.. Ranging from when I was unmarried, one from Dubai trip with my husband, one is with my daughter and other one is with my 6 month old son.. These three people are most important and inseparable parts of my life BUT they have not completed me. I was and I am an complete individual myself.. My husband and my kids have created a space for themselves in my life, the space which I didn’t know exists but to complete myself I didn’t need anyone. Had I been unmarried I would have still been complete.. What a women doesn’t realise is that she doesn’t need anyone to complete her she is the one who completes others.. That is how God has made women.. Ladies do not let advices like “get married because you are alone”, “have a kid because motherhood completes you”, “try for a boy he will complete your family” “take up a job because you are educated” “what you are a house wife” “you don’t do anything” pressurize you to do what you do not want to do.. To the heck with someone or something completing us!!! So many ambitious and talented women loose the focus of their lives because of such pressures… So many women who want to be home maker, who want to be at hone for thwir kids can not do so because of these pressures.. So to all the beautiful women out there You are COMPLETE.. Believe in your completeness..

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