Love them or hate them.

My mom passed away in 2009 and my relationship with my father is a love and hate relationship. Since I remember our opinions have never been the same so yes he is my father and has done a lot for us but we end up fighting every other day. My brother, on the other hand, has many a time relied on me for an important decision. We both fight too but one phone call from either side is enough to melt us down. After marriage, nothing much has attracted me to go to maayka often. A few days back when I called my brother he was very emotional and asked me when would I come he was also complaining that I don’t like to visit them often.

I too realised that I have been avoiding going there, so, I decided to go there on the weekend. Reaching there my sister in law greeted me and my kids with a warm hug. My brother cooked and served my favourite food. He didn’t leave my side until I ate my heart full. My sister in law took care of my little one so that I can eat peacefully. My 2-year-old niece kept hugging me and saying “I love you bua”.

In the morning, my bhabhi (sister in law) woke me up with my favourite cuppa tea with my favourite biscuits (the one which my mom used to get for me). That was very overwhelming. In the afternoon she cooked my favourite food again and served me with me much love. While we were leaving she made sure she sees me off with few things of my liking in my bag.

On my way back, I could not help asking why I always avoid visiting there. Why I don’t trust that they guys love me enough. Why I take the difference of opinions so seriously. Why I don’t accept that no matter if I love them or hate them they are mine, my family. We are all attached with an unseen string of emotions and that will never fall apart.

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